How to Make money on Instagram?

How to Make money on Instagram?

 How To Make Money On Instagram

3 Way to get high follower on Instagram

How To Make Money On Instagram:
 I'm going to show you How to make some money on Instagram in 2020. The 3 best ways. We're going to show you How to pick your niche, How to 
get followers and How to get that money, and how they all work together to build you a
business that allows you to live free and work for yourself. 

How To Make Money On Instagram

To make money Through Instagram 3 Way to get high follower on Instagram:

  • The first thing you got to know is you got to pick a niche
  • The second thing is you've got to build a following. 
  • The third thing is you have to monetize that niche

But we're going to start with... You know, always start with the money is where are we gonna make the money? Because you want to pick a niche where you can make money with. 

For our sake, you know, we're going to focus on things that deal with products because we want to be... We want to sell these products if you have affiliate marketing. 

Now, before I get into this, just letting you know, I'm going to take you on my computer right here in just a second and I'm going to show you examples of Instagrammers who are doing the thing, making money who have good niche selection to do good posting strategy, etc. Let's go into the niche

How To Make Money On Instagram: 

The first thing you want to understand about niche selection is you want to go 3 levels deep. "3 levels deep", write that down.

1. Select your Best niche.

It is very important to understand. Now, let's go deeper into this. Let's say your niche is Fitness, okay? Fitness is a great niche because there's a lot of products that you can sell to people interested in fitness. There are supplements. 

People take a lot of workout supplements or vitamins and minerals. It cost $50. Also, you could sell high priced products. You could sell workout gyms and equipment through Amazon's affiliate program and makeup to $5,000. 

Read also: What is affiliate marketing and How does it work? 

And people pay all the time. So many people have home gyms. You can do all sorts of things within this niche. 

People buy a lot of products around fitness. Or you could sell people gym memberships and make a percentage commission for referring people to a particular gym membership affiliate program. There are lots of ways to monetize the fitness space. So, we know there are products, we know there affiliate networks and programs we can join. 

I named a few such as Amazon. Duh! People, join it. Let's go a level deeper though because this is too broad. And this won't get you big. Now, going a level deeper, we're going to say... Let's do women's, okay? Let's say you're a woman and you do women's fitness

2. Focusing on your Posts.

Focusing your posts on women's fitness is going to make you more specific in your niche and it's going to make your content more interesting. And it's going to engage followers more. Because again, we're looking to build passionate fans. 

And if you just focus on Fitness as an overall, 

it's going to be too broad. Whereas women's Fitness is going to speak more to a more specific audience. 

But women's Fitness is still too broad. You know, it's half of all Fitness people. 

So, we want to go a level deeper to create that engaging content that's going to attract followers. And the level deeper from this is. 


let's use the example "workout food", okay? Now, focusing on women's fitness workout food is a much more targeted niche. 

And you can build a big audience off of this because it's targeted and it will speak very highly to people who are working out but looking for better recipes or food choice. 

This would be an example of three levels deep. Your niching down and down and down to get those people to talk about on a subject that you hopefully can talk about. 

3. Use hashtags

second thing we need to do is attract followers.So, here, I'm going to show you on Instagram, let's just look at you know, workout food, right? And what we want to do to attract followers... As we see before, you know there's a lot of posts on workout food. 

And what we might want to do is we want to repost valuable content that people engage a lot with and we want to use the correct tags. So for instance, if we're going after workout food, we're going to use tags like women's fitness, #workoutfood and other hashtags related to that. And we can find those ideas of hashtags and the ideas of the content we can repost. 


I'm going to show you an example in a second over here. So, as we see, we say, "cheat day design". And we're going to look at their hashtags and we see gym help fit tips. So workout food, fitness beginner, fit diet. Eat to grow. 

So, these are all tags that we might want to use for ourselves. See workout food, eat to grow. So, those are good hashtags to help us start showing up in people's Instagram feeds for the types of content we're going after. 

4. Provide The Content.

Now, the next thing we want to do is provide content that we're gonna put out for the people who are looking for fitness stuff. 

So, in my case, the best thing is to repost content. Of course, you could create your content but you probably don't want to do that, right? That takes work and video editing and image editing and it's annoying. I don't either. So, what we do is repost content.


As you see, we have 18,500 followers and this is all grown organically. No marketing spend. Just actually posting. And as you'll see, I put up a video of Steve Jobs here and reposted it and I tagged the person that I reposted it from. See Carl Nino. And I just said repost Carl Nino. And I put up a bunch of quotes for what I'm going after. 

As you'll see on my Instagram channel, I go after a lot of motivational and kind of entrepreneurship-related material. I also address affiliate marketing related material because that's one of my levels my niche. 

Now, as you see, almost all of my content is reposted from somewhere. You see. You know I put repost mindset therapy. And a lot of Instagrammers are doing this. 

This is a very common way to... You know, you can also grow your channel if you produce these sorts of videos, and then people credit you with creating the video and you get followers there. So, this is kind of how it works to attract followers. 

You won't put that viral content that people are going to share. And you want to use the tags that are going to make your content show up in the right spots. And as you see, I have lots of people watching my videos and reposting my content all over the place. 

So, you'll see it works out very well for me and it's allowed me to have my channel grow quite a bit over the last few months. 

Make Money On Instagram

So, the way we're going to make money is just the easiest way possible which is affiliate offers. Now, if you own an e-commerce business, if you already have your products, you probably aren't on this channel, okay? You want to make money with affiliate offers. 

Affiliate with Clickbank.

It's the easiest way to make money online and I'm going to address two different affiliate networks you can start with. 

So, you can start with

So, you see I'm on and you can sign up just by going to or if you are out they only work with certain countries.

Affiliate with Digistore.

So, I'm going to put a link to another similar company called Digistore

And Digistore will accepts people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria or other African countries

If you're not from Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Nigeria, you can sign up for Clickbank. 

But if you're from those countries, can't sign up for Clickbank. So, sign up for Digistore. Now, the great thing about Clickbank is they have a lot of products that sell a lot of money. And they pay you up to 90% commissions.💖 

But the average commission, you'll receive on a product is about 50%. This is fair because the person who created the product gets 50% and the person who sells it gets 50%. Makes sense. 

And here is the top-performing product called the Cinderella solution. And it's a weight-loss program and you can make $33 from it every single sale. So, that's a great option to sell. Another affiliate program you could join is Amazon. 

Affiliate with Amazon.

Now, if you go to and you scroll down to the very bottom, there's a section that says make money with us, okay? So, see, and then it says to make money with us at the bottom.

And then you'll want to say become an affiliate right there, okay? So, you want to click that link to become an affiliate marketer with Amazon. So, you can sell any product on their site and you make commissions. 

But the difference is you won't make a lot. 

As much commission, you'll make about 5%. But again, that's fair because Amazon is such a big brand name and people are so used to shopping on it. 

Most of the stuff people buy on Amazon, they're going to buy anyways. Okay. So, the next step is after we have our product, let's say, 

Must Read 👀

  • I'm going to promote this product on Clickbank, okay? So, I'm going to click promotion right there. I'm going to click the promotion. 

I'm going to enter my account nickname and then I'm going to say generate hop links, okay? Right there. Generate a hop link. And here I just copy. I just copy my link, okay? Just... Or you can highlight it and copy it. 

And just to make my link look pretty, 

  • I'm going to go to and I am going to shorten my link here. And just click shorten right there. And now I have a link which I can use. 

Now, what I do next is after I post a video, let's say my video gets... You know, let's say you post a video and you get a hundred views of your video. What you want to do is you want to go on your video and you want a message everybody who viewed your video.

So, I put this video that says, "Team does the dream work." And you know, I'm reposting somebody's thing. And we have a lot of people who commented and a lot of people who viewed the video. Now, let's say 100 people view your video.

 Okay, now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna message somebody. And in this case, since I'm on the desktop, I'm just going to reply to their comment. 

And I'm just going to say, "Hey, I see you like the video. If you're interested in learning more ways that you can lose weight, this is the program that's changed many people's lives. 

And I recommend." Then you put your link right there. See? Boom! Boom! Okay? So, we have it right there. And then you just post it. You sent a message. You put in your link. Now, boom! Okay? you just sent...You got 100 people who viewed your video who are interested in the content. 

You message them and you gave them links to go a step further and learning about whatever they're in... Whatever your channel is interested in. 

Which is either fitness or workouts or workout food or weight loss or whatever that is? Now, you've got targeted people, you're messaging those people, and you're putting your affiliate link in there so that you can make money if they buy. 

Now, if we just say you know 100 was a conservative number. But we said 100 views of your video, okay? If you had 3,000 followers, okay? I'd say 3,000 followers is the point where you can start monetizing your audience seriously. Okay? And if you're doing... 

If you're posting daily and doing all the things, you should get up there fairly quickly within a few months. And then, you can start direct messaging people. 

Or you could do that beforehand. But let's say, 3,000 followers, you get a hundred views of each video.10% by from your link. 

The commission you make, $33, okay? Are you following me? So, that would be 10 buyers times 33 equals $330. So, that would be... That means you could make about$330 from a post if you're doing to monetize your audience. 

Boom! That is $330. You just made from a single Instagram post. And these all these numbers are conservative. You can do... You know, you can get better conversion rates.

You can get more views for a video or you could even get more followers and you could make more money. But the point I'm trying to make is you need to follow the system and you need to be committed. 

You need to post. You need to have a niche that you focus around. Not just random stuff, not just, "Iate this day. And I'm going to this movie. And I'm wearing this t-shirt."Because now you're not focused. You're talking about movies, food, and t-shirts. Nobody cares. 

Except you're like the people who already know you whereas if you're talking about a specific niche. Like workout food, that's going to be something you could build your niche and your brand and your money around. 

The second step. 

Do you grow your followers, okay? You're getting out there, you're building followers every single day by posting and using tags and everything you can. 

  • You can also do follow-unfollow😊. There's another advanced method that you can use to grow your audience. And last but not least, the third thing is you need to make money doing it. 

Otherwise, it's not a worthwhile activity. But the most important overall understanding is that you need to stop using Instagram as a socialization tool and letting it suck your time away from quality time with the people around you in your area. And you need to take back control. 

And instead of having Instagram use you, you need to use Instagram and you can make money doing it. Think about it. How many times have you picked up your phone, you've been working on it. You put it down for a minute. 

And then you picked it up again for no reason whatsoever. Have you ever done that? And just give me an Amen in the comments if you've done that before. Where you've you've just picked up your phone for no reason. 

You've turned it on you're like, "Why am I on my phone?" Then you're like, "let me go on Facebook or Instagram and check out some random stuff." That my friends are Instagram. That's the internet using you. 

You are the product and your attention is the product. But if you transcend that, if you take back control... The hashtag in the comments. Take back control. 

If you take back control of the time of your life and you don't let these tech overlords manipulate you into putting your attention on this phone and you instead use it as a tool to make money, 

you will have better quality relationships and you will have more money. But you need to take back control. Use this as a tool. 

This can make you money. But you need to use it. Don't let it use you. 

See you in next post.😃

How to make money on Instagram?

3 Ways to get high follower on Instagram

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