How To Make Money With Facebook 2020 Full Guide

How To Make Money With Facebook 2020 Full Guide

How To Make Money With Facebook

How To Make Money With Facebook For Beginners: 

Whoo! This is a hot money making method. you want to make money online with Facebook then you are on correct place. 

But I'm going to be Facebook for beginners. And this method is working right now. It's updated. I'm giving you multiple ways to do this. Man, this is hot. So, you can do this. Really excited to show this to you. so lets go! 
How To Make Money With Facebook For Beginners
Facebook Marketing


You can be anywhere in the world and do this,
Any country in the world, 
You can be any age and get the money. 
The money will be sent through a wire transfer to your bank account or to an address that you want cheque sent to. (It's super simple.) 
You don't need any software
You don't need to pay for any websites
You don't need to have any products you don't need to do any support. 
You don't need to do any of that jazz. No consulting, no sales. 

It's just simply chatting. So, I'm going to show you how to do this. Step by step and you can literally copy and paste exactly what I'm doing and use it to make money.

Ways Through Earn Money With Facebook.

1. Develop an app

Needed Programming Language and App Development and much more time

2.Sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace

3.Social media influencer

Needed habits to know people, Followers, More Time

4.Sell likes and shares

Needed a page that have more follower

5. Affiliate Marketing

Lets start with this.

Earn Through Affiliate Marketing.

I'm going to show you How to make money with Facebook by Affiliate Marketing and now going to show you the number of affiliate networks you can sign up for to get links and earn commissions from selling other people's products. 

And the way everything is tracked is through a link. So, there's ShareASale which obviously you can sell. 

You know, a lot of products... You know, 7% Commission. Big brands, though. So, if you check this out, you can sell Warby Parker which is a famous company. julep, Major League Baseball, Jillian Michael's. NBA store.

So, a lot of big brands. You could sign up for that. You can also sign up for the click funnels affiliate program right here. 

If you get enough sales with them. They actually buy you a dream car. So, check that out. They get you to get 100 users, you get a dream car. And they show you tons of people have earned a dream car. I've earned a dream car with them. You know, they pay me a thousand bucks towards my car lease. 6 figure mentors. Another great affiliate network. 

  • They teach you how to do affiliate marketing along the way. So, I suggest you sign up for them. Super affiliate network. This network is hot. This you can actually earn up to $5400 from a single sale. 

So, if you're looking for high ticket affiliate marketing as well as some training involved, you can get that with the super affiliate network. They have some really cool events out in Maui.

They host every year. I love to see you there. There's MaxWeb which is a digital product affiliate network. Works worldwide. digestive, another international affiliate network focused on digital products. And last but not least is Clickbank

My favorite affiliate network which you can sign up for every country except like Bangladesh and Pakistan and Nigeria. So, let's get into. 

Now, after you've gotten your affiliate link, I'm going to show you how you can promote a Clickbank affiliate link in this demo. But first, let's get into the method itself, okay? Now, to use this method, you're going to want to use a specific document that I'm going to give you towards the end of this training. 

So, you can copy and paste my exact text and follow along and do exactly what I do to make this money as well. I will reveal that link towards the end of this training. 

What you want to do is you want to go into this file which I will give you access to and you will want to click on the Facebook link right here. Now, by the way, all of these methods listed here the other links are all free traffic methods that you can take advantage of. 

If you want to make $500 in a day, I show you how to make $500 in a day on every single one of these social networks. 
I am having my assistant link to the playlist to do use these methods. All of them are free. You require no investment, no money, no software. Nothing to get started. So let's get into it.

So, we'll click Facebook and we will go down to the Facebook section right here. 

What we are looking for is we're looking for people that are members of groups that are related to entrepreneurship. Amazon FBA, marketing, freelancers, or work from home. 

I see the Clickbank ads. Hundreds of people every month I'm paying out hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars to. Now, the 

Q. What is ClickBank?

Ans. Clickbank is a website where you go and find products to promote for a commission and we find these products and we promote them for a 40 percent commission 50% all the way up to 70 percent 

Next step is we're going to get There affiliate link. In this case, we're going to go to the affiliate marketplace. 

Create Your Account on Click Bank.

First created your account you go to the affiliate marketplace right here. And we're going to go down to the e-business and e-marketing category right here. Okay? Right there. E-business and marketing and we'll click on that. 

Now, one of the top products will be my own product. 

1. Know your NIche.

step one guys are going out there and finding the nation we're gonna jump into Clickbank in a second but what I kind of want to go over is the best nations now but this particular method that we're going to be doing the traffic source 

we're going to be using the best niches internet business only this only works for that particular niche, however, 

the three best niches that I recommend on Clickbank are internet business make money online and the health and fitness niche and the software niche now there's not much software online to promote.

2. Start Your Building Email Lists

so the next step guys are to actually start to build out an email list so you want to build out this is called an email flow this is getting the response I use to get the response I'll leave a trail for that blow it's literally the best email responder for beginners but this is the next step guys is to go out and create a couple of emails so you can go out there and start to promote the products 

I'm going to go to next step and you'll change out your links and stuff like that obviously put your own Clickbank links in there and I'm going to now I'm Beckett automated messages okay and its loading 

now I'm going to go to manage workflows create a workflow and what I'm going to do is go built from scratch and you will have you would have created an email list and get the response they will give you some examples on how to do that so you've actually got to create an email list first so I'm going to go to subscribers.

so what's the next step guys you've gone out you've done an opt-in page you've set up an email marketing campaign you've created a list well your next step is simple we've done the email so we're here. 

we need to go and get some traffic now we're gonna not talk about Facebook for this method to stay away from that its quite expensive and when you're doing this sort of stuff that can be expensive you've got to be advanced and a bit of a professional when you're doing that but. 

3. Find The Best Products.

Once again we are making money together which is why I am showing you only the stuff that works highly effectively. I don't want to waste your time, I don't want to waste mine. 

And you will make $500 from a single sale. And if you want to learn more about the opportunity, you can come right to this affiliate page. And you will see that the product we are selling is a thousand dollars and you get a recurring commission on the 247, everything is 50%. So, you will be making 500 of that. We will split everything 50/50. We're in business together. Once you start making sales, you get $500 and $125 a month. And what I'm showing you, once again, those numbers might seem ridiculous but it works. 

There are people doing this and making as many as 60 sales in a single day. $27,000 is what one of my affiliates made in a single day, okay? Now, to get our link, what we want to do is we click promote and we will put in our account nickname whatever was assigned to you. 

Promoting Affiliate Link On Facebook.

We'll just do Facebook. And will generate Hope link or we'll click this button to generate a Hotlink right there. Don't worry about any of these other links. 

And we will copy this link. Clicking Ctrl copy or we can click this button and copy our link. We want to create our own link here. So, you want to go to the Google Doc pre-cell page example. Now, Facebook doesn't like raw affiliate links. 

Which is why we need to put our link a document or something like that. Generally speaking, 

Facebook we want you to buy ads. But if you don't have money for ads, you don't have money to put your credit card and let Facebook just freely spend it on advertising. 

You maybe don't have success in doing marketing before yet. You just want something that can make you money get sent to your bank account without you having to spend money. And that's why we need to put our link in a Google document. 

And all this page is built to do... Not going to go too deep in the psychology of copy writing. But it's built to actually make people want to watch through the sale the presentation and buy from the affiliate link that you will put in there. 

So, how we do this is first, there will be a file button. And you'll want to click the file right up here, and you'll want to click make copyright there. You'll be able to edit things on this page now. Because it will be yours. 

You can't edit Pi version, that's the master version. You'll delete the copy up there. So, did you see that where I clicked? I clicked right up here and I went here and I just deleted copy. And now, I'm going to go down here where it says... The big button. There are two links on this page. This button acts as a link and this text acts as a link. The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to replace this link. And once again, I'm going to click that edit icon and I'm going to paste my link and I'm going to click apply. Now, this page once again is built to sell people on the product. And it's already done for you. Now, you can do this. You can create this sort of document. You can create... You can does this all yourself for any product you want. I've obviously laid it out for you to do to promote my own affiliate program because I want us to both make money. 

And I want you to make big money. But you can do this with weight loss programs. You can do this with a super affiliate network. You can do this with a lot of other programs and affiliate offers that you want. 

But this page has been built and tested to work. So, you put this up and you can be assured you get these links in front of people you will get some people buying. 

Share your Product on Facebook.

Now, the next step is you want to go up to this share button right there. And you click that share button and you're going to click this which says "Get shareable link" right there. And then anybody with this link can view, that's fine. 

And we're going to copy this text copy or you can click copy link. And I'll say link copy to clipboard. Now, when the person responds to us... Well first, we're going to take this link and we are going to go to bitly. 

We're going to go to a site named And we're going to go down and we're going to click shorten. And we'll copy this link. 

And we can share this link with people. Depending on what works, you can share your google doc link or you can share your bitly link. And you share that on Facebook. When you get somebody responding to you such as Alexander Elliot. 

Hope you like it see you in Next Post.😃

How To Make Money with Facebook.

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