What is affiliate marketing | How does it work? Full Guide

What is affiliate marketing | How does it work? Full Guide

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work? Now, in this article, I'm going to be going over the What is affiliate Marketing and how does it work with real example

And also tell you 2 ways to make money with affiliate marketing. 7 different affiliate programs you can sign up with. And 8 different traffic sources

Now, I've been doing affiliate marketing for almost eight years now. And I've made millions of dollars with it. and I'll be breaking everything down that you need to get started and make some serious money with this. Let's get it. 

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

What is Affiliate Marketing with (Example)?

Saying that there's a customer who wants to buy a watch online
So, the customer goes online and searches for watches, and they find a great watch that they want to buy, okay

Now, the person who owns the watch is called the product owner, okay? Because they created the watch. 

Maybe they are Casio or Sony or whatever. 
So, in many affiliate programs, people split the profits 50/50. Okay So 50% of the money goes here and 50% of the money goes to the affiliate who markets it. 

First Way to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Now, this affiliate Put up an ad on Facebook and said, "Hey I have a great watch." The customer bought it. Now, in that case, the customer paid $100 and the product owner makes 50 and the affiliate makes $50 for marketing it. 

This is the affiliate marketing got it!😆

These are the 3 main components of affiliate marketing. 

  • The product owner who has an affiliate program,
  • The affiliate who's selling it,
  • The customer. 

Second Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing. 

ways to make money in the affiliate marketing ecosystem because you can have a product and have other affiliates promoted or you can be the affiliate and make money marketing products. 

So, let's look at 2 examples
I'm going to get into the seven different affiliate networks and 8 different traffic sources that you can use to start affiliate marketing. 

First go to this  website called recordingnow.com
This is actually the website of another famous Affiliate/YouTuber called ODI

So, if we look under here, under his gear reviews, we'll see reviews different headphones, okay? A lot of people before they spend a lot of money on an expensive headphone set, they'll look at a review of the product. 
You know to make sure that other people are saying it's cool and you know it's worthwhile. 

Now, as you'll see here, he has his affiliate links right here at the bottom. Do you see that? He says to order any products here for the lowest price available. 

Do not pay retail. And he has links from amazon's affiliate program right here. Every person who buys after clicking on this link, he will end up making about 5% on. So 5% of of$300 is about $15. So, it's pretty good. Everybody who visits his page. 

And there could be thousands of people that are searching to buy products online. I think even millions of people by the Beats by Dr. So, you could make a lot of money, 15 times a lot of people. Here's another example of somebody using affiliate links. 

He's very good at it. Now, you'll see right here, he has a new Light room presets pack. His link goes to his affiliate links. So, he will make money every time somebody buys that product, okay? And you can see more stuff here. 

Once again, you know his camera here, he has Amazon affiliate links to amazon's affiliate program right here. He has a lot of affiliate links. In fact, he's using to make money. 

The Story of Great influential photographer Peter McKinnon.

Now, Peter McKinnon is a very influential photographer. 

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

I want you to look at the price of some of his products that he's selling as an affiliate on his site. Now, he does a very good job of making people want to get good into the article. 

But keep in mind that 5% number while we look at how expensive some of these products are that he gets people to buy. $5,000. Look at this camera. This camera is $5,000. That's $5,000 right there, baby. That is a lot of money. And if we do the math right here, let's bring this up right here. We do the math and $5,499 times .05%. 

He makes a cool $274 every time somebody buys this camera. It's the number one affiliate link on his thing. A lot of people who are watching his stuff or you know, generally speaking, they're aspiring to go into like some sort of video-based... You know, photography sort of work. All he has to do is sell one of those a day. One of those a day. He doesn't even have to send it out. He doesn't have to call anybody. 

He doesn't have to support anybody. He just shoots his videos and he's making some cool money here. And he has a lot more stuff. As you can see, there is a lot more stuff that goes into it. Look at this, he's favorite lens ever. 

How much is this? $1,500. Look at that. That's $1,500. That's a lot of money. And that's an additional...What is it? Like something like 5% of that is it's like $75. So, there's a lot of money. He's in a very, very, very valuable niche. So now, a lot of the people that follow Peter are not just looking. 

It's a very high-priced. Hobby or job to get into. You know, photography and videography, you know? So... He's in a great place to be an affiliate marketer. 

He gets to have fun doing it because he's just talking about the stuff he loves all day. Shooting videos, he's doing cool stuff. And he's motivating other people to you the same sort of stuff. 

So, I love that. Let's check out how else, you know, some good affiliate programs... You heard about Amazon right here. 

Other Affiliate Program Then Amazon.

let's look at some good affiliate programs other than Amazon that you can get started with selling products on. So, first off... I just gotta mention Amazon. Amazon is the biggest affiliate program out there. 

It'll pay 5% which is not a lot but it can add up. As you've seen, if you're selling high-priced goods. And their program is called Amazon Associates. And you can see it right here. You can join for free. These don't cost anything to join. 

Affiliate programs pay you, okay? They pay you money. And I got all this money here just you know, because this is a fraction of what I earn each year with affiliate marketing. Just kind of give you an idea. My business does almost 7 million dollars per year. 

If it sounds nuts, I don't have any employees. Sounds absolutely insane but it's true. It's a huge market. But I won't go into business. This is about you right now. Look. See join, advertise, and earn. And you can have Amazon. 

This is Amazon pay you money. Just like they pay Peter McKinnon, just like they pay me, just like they pay ODI productions, okay? Now, next is the second of the program is Walmart. It's called the affiliate link program and you can become in a Walmart affiliate by referring customers to Walmart.com. So, just as you saw. 

How you can make money Through Affiliate Marketing?

So, you can make money from Walmart. 

Walmart pays you to send people to their website, okay? Target will pay you to send people to their website. If you're wondering how you find these links, you could just search Target affiliate, Walmart affiliate, Amazon affiliate

 And as you see, you can earn up to 8% on products. 8% of anything you sell. People are already shopping at target, People are already buying these products. And you can earn up to 8% of everything they buy. That's pretty good, okay? 

And not only that but you don't even have to be at the store. You can sell people all around the world. So, the Internet is huge. 

And with the population surpassing 8 billion people on this planet. The opportunity to make money online is beyond your comprehension. I want to explain that to you. It's beyond your comprehension. Just a small slice of it. 

About EBay Affiliate Program.

eBay has an affiliate program. they call their partner Network, okay? So, sometimes affiliate marketing people think affiliate marketers are aggressive. Or they you know, marketers are kind of like the same world it's like salespeople. 

But they make a lot of money for people. So, everybody has an affiliate program now. And here it says get paid when people buy products. So, you can earn money when people buy stuff on eBay. Now, this is a bit of a unique affiliate program but I want to expose you to some like really interesting things that are out there. 

Now roll is a trucking company and checks this out. How does an extra $1,500 sound? So, what this affiliate program is, is this affiliate program is about referring people to become truck drivers. Every year, the trucking companies are growing or people are leaving or whatever and they need more people to become truck drivers every year. 

Makes sense, right? There's always... There's always truck driving jobs. But the thing is it's been getting harder and harder and harder for people to find new people to become truck drivers. Therefore they offer a bounty. 

If you refer somebody who ends up becoming a truck driver, you will get $1,500. $1,500 for just referring somebody online to become a truck driver, right? It sounds silly but you can do that really easily. And I'm going to go over some of the traffic sources in just a second. I'm going to go over 8 traffic sources in just a second here.

About Jhon Critisian Affiliate Program. 

But first, I want to get to Jhon Critisian last 2 affiliate programs. The second last one is Jhon Critisian product, okay? So This product pays extremely well, okay? So, I have an educational course on how to do affiliate marketing, okay? 

You can go through There educational course on how to do affiliate marketing. It's $1,000.But I also have... You know I also have a coaching program. But anybody who goes into There training program --an educational course which is an online training course. 

I offer very competitive commissions for affiliates to refer to promote it. So every affiliate of mine makes about $500. In addition, they earn a hundred and $25 per month. Just to give you an idea. 

So, There product is the top-selling educational course on the internet. And you can check it out. 
You go to clickbank.com, okay? So, if you want to sell that. Clickbank as an affiliate network. Now, 

The number one thing that I'm going to expose you to is... Now, this is the best niche. This is... This is the niche that gives me so excited because the amount of money available in this niche is literally trillions of dollars more than any other niche.

Now, this niche I'm about to show you makes the amount of money I have here seems small. But in fact, a lot of this came from me being an affiliate in this niche. This is the niche I started it. And I've been a major affiliate in for years.

The niche is the investment niche

Now, each year, trillions of dollars are being transferred back and forth between accounts, retirement providers, different things every year. 

Literally trillions of dollars. More money than people buy everything on Amazon combined is being transacted in people's retirement accounts and investment accounts of savings accounts.

The money is going around. Now, the investment niche... You can't... You can't invest with credit cards. You're in testing with... It's just cash that floating up in the banks. 

And the regal assets affiliate program allows you to make 3% of transfers that people make from their retirement accounts in 2 different investment vehicles, okay? So, regal assets, personally, they help people move their money around from into precious metals, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, solar. 

You know wind farms, real estate, cryptocurrencies. 

They help people move their money around into alternative assets other than stocks. But with this program, you can earn 3%. The average deal is $80,000, okay? $80,000.So on average, you'll make a $2,500 commission

All you need is one click, one lead one customer per month. They do all the sales for you.

You just need to get their name, phone number, and email address. 

If somebody who's interested in doing investing. And you can make $2,500 or more. I've made over $30,000 in a single commission. Just to give you an idea of what that is, $30,000 in a single commission is one, two, three. And this would happen one day, okay? So, just to give you an idea of that. 

So, the regal assets affiliate program. I'll put a link for it somewhere around here below you know, in the description or something. So, you can check that out. 

How do you get people to click on your links? 

You're getting  links. You're getting these affiliate program links and you're putting them up. 

Just like Peter McKinnon did or recording ODI productions did. Where they're putting their links on their YouTube videos or their blog posts. How can you get people to click on your links, right? You want to make money. You want to get interested people. 

How do you market this stuff? 

Do you just text it to your friends? Do you just email it to your mom and dad? And say, "Hey mom dad click on my links." That is one way. ButI'll give you some better ways that you can start earning money as a marketer. (funny😂)

But you've got to put yourself in the salesperson's mindset. If you're just looking for a quick buck then go home stop being late you dumb millennial, okay? 

If you're just looking for a quick way to make money without working, go home. Leave this program, never come back

But if you're looking to work hard and actually do this and actually build a sustainable business, here's what you do. 

Now, this may seem patronizing for some. But this is these are the ways to get traffic online. And if you stuck around to see these traffic sources, it's easy. It's obvious. It's not hard, okay? 

So don't think this is rocket science here. It's very straightforward. Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Instagram. You can post on them for free or you can post ads on all of these places. 

How to get sells on Affiliate Program? 

1. Facebook

 First you can set up a Facebook group or you can set up a Facebook page. And you can post your affiliate links for free, okay? 

Let's say you want to post about investments, right? Start a Facebook group about alternative investment strategies. Easy. 
And then you post your regal assets links in there. Or you can put up Facebook ads to people who are in a position to invest. 

2. Google

Google is the same thing. I showed you how you can do blog posts on Google.Google shows those blog posts for free. 
Or you can pay Google to show up at the top. So, you have ads or free blog posts. Either one will get people going to your affiliate links. 

3. YouTube. 

Now, YouTube is the number one source of 
education. Right now, you're learning from me. There's a lot of education that goes on YouTube. I believe it's the future of Education which is really exciting. 

Now, if you want to promote educational programs such as you know jhon critisian training course on how to start an online business

Or if you want to promote any training course, you know, from like Kevin David or whatever. 
You can promote it through YouTube ads. Or you can put up a video about whatever you're looking to teach people. So for instance, you know, truck driving, right? You can put up a video on how to be a truck driver. And a link to that referral program sending people to how they can apply to be a truck driver, does it make sense? Easy. 

4. Instagram 

Instagram Same thing. You can put a post for free on Instagram or you can put up posts. You can actually pay to advertise on Instagram. Now, as you see on Instagram, you can post a link in the description, right? 

So, If you're an affiliate, you would put your affiliate link there and you just do daily posts on Instagram talking about whatever. But as long as they're interesting and people want to share them, that's the most important thing. 

Hop You enjoyed this article😄.

let me know in the comments, 
Q.what you're looking to learn in the future?
Q.What did you enjoy about this video? 
Q.What would you like to know more about? 
Q.What was your favorite part? 
Q.Was it the traffic source? 
Q.Was the affiliate programs? 
Q.Was it just kind of understanding the model of affiliate marketing with offer own or affiliate and customer? 

Let me know in the comments what you liked and what you'd like to read more of and I'll try to make sure to cater to you in the future. Looking forward to seeing you as an active person on our site.  Talk to you soon. See you next time. 😊

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work

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