How to Make Money With ClickBank | Full Guide

How to Make Money With ClickBank | Full Guide

How to Make Money With ClickBank

How to Make Money With ClickBank: You want to make money with Clickbank. I'm going to show you how. I'm going to show you
  • How to sign-up
  • How to find your niche
  • How to find links
  • How to post it
  • How to track it
  • How to make some money step by step. 

How to Make Money With ClickBank

How to Create Account on ClickBank

And the first step is you want to sign up. And you need to create an account. 
How to Make Money With ClickBank
  1. Go to
  2. In the top-corner click on Sign up.
  3. Fill you Information and Bank Information.
Clickbank is going to ask you for some information. They're going to ask you for your name, your address all that stuff. 

And they're also going to ask you for your banking information. This is fine!.

About ClickBank

Click bank's been around for 21 years. And run by really nice Mormon people up in Boise, Idaho. That is good at accounting and they're not going to screen out anything. 

It's a reputable, long-lasting, profitable company that I love working with. And I've been working with them forever. 
And the thing is they ask for your banking information because they need to know where to pay you, okay? So, that's why. 

So don't alarm by if they're asking for your banking information. Then the last for your account information, it doesn't matter what your nickname is.

Your nickname is your account identifier. And what you pick doesn't matter. It's not public information. So, when you sign up, you'll come to a dashboard.
How to Make Money With ClickBank

You'll have your weekly sales snapshot right here. So, this is one of my many affiliate accounts with Clickbank because I use so many different advertising things of a lot of accounts at this point. Let's go out of here. 

How to Choose Best Niche for Affiliate Marketing.

Now, to choose your niche, you want to go over to their marketplace. The marketplace is this little link up here. Or if you're on the Clickbank homepage, you'll see the marketplace is right here. 

Affiliate marketplace. So, we'll click that marketplace link because that has all of the products that you can make money with. 

Now, what you'll see is, you could search for products but you can also find products in the categories area on the left side. 

Find your Niche.

How to Make Money With ClickBank

This is where you can find your niche. Now, you know, everybody in marketing and sales and stuff talks about you know, finding your niche. 

Find your passion. First, I'm going to give you my 2 cents on this. Because I think niches and whatever your passion is, I think it's BS. I was actually having a discussion with Allie earlier about this. 

You know, I love kite surfing. I love skiing.I'm not Pro material. And I don't think I'm ever going to be pro material. 

So, it doesn't make sense for me to try to make a business out of kite surfing or skiing, unfortunately. 

You know, what does make sense for me is to make money and afford myself freedom so that I can go skiing or kite surfing when I want to.

 Another thing. Getting a family and all that stuff complicates this stuff. But the point is the same as... I'm not a big fan of niches. I'm a big fan of just doing what makes money and then going to the other things. 

But let's assume that you would need to find something that you're comfortable marketing. 

Choose Your Category.

How to Make Money With ClickBank

You can choose your category. Now, if you're interested in cooking food and wine, you can click on that category and you can find products to sell that will give you commissions in the cooking food and wine category. 
Now, here's a great one. So, we see there's a product here called keto resources

That is about the ketogenic diet. I think a pretty good diet. But I'm going to start dieting soon. But the ketogenic diet I think is something about reducing carbs which are kind of a problem in our society. 
Choose those Niche Who solved Problems of Peoples
Now, let's say you wanted to promote that. You can make $22. Let's zoom in on this. 

You can make $22 per sale every time you recommend this product to somebody and they buy it. You make $22. Which is great. You sell a couple of those, you help expose a couple people to the ketogenic diet a day and you're earning a full-time income. 

He'll expose more than a couple people to the ketogenic diet a day you're making a pretty good income. 

Choose Best Products

Now, what I look for just in a product is I look for what has the most popular or what has the highest gravity. Gravity and popularity are sorts of similar but in any event, we see a  product has 117 gravity.

That means some of these people may be making hundreds of sales per day of this product. 

The point being, this is the indicator of only some people get there success to sell there product and get commissions Would you rather... 

Starting Franchies

If you were going to start a franchise because affiliate marketing is sort of like starting a franchise. 

Hope You Enjoy

Would you rather be opening a McDonald's franchise or would you rather open a busters burgers franchise? It's obvious. 

You want to open a McDonald's franchise because you know that sells. You know that is making franchisees tons of money. Thousands of franchisees all over the world. Buster's burgers are unproven. Everything about the business. 

I made the business up. But you want to sell what's proven. And just because other people are selling it, just because other people have McDonald's franchises doesn't mean that there isn't space for another one. 

But what I hear a lot of people say from scarcity mindset is say,
 "Oh, somebody already opened up the McDonald's in Santa Monica." 
Don't think that. Okay? You want to sell what's already selling. 

  • We Found Our Niche
  • We Found our Products

How to Promote Products.

Now Let's go to Promote Our Products.
How to Make Money With ClickBank

We found the product or the offer we want to promote. 

Steps to Promote your Products.

  1. Click on Red colored Promote Button
  2. Now, Hope Link Generater Dialog box appear.
This is where you will get your link. To Promote Product That you Selected

     3. Put your Tracking ID and Account Nick Name.
    4. Click on Generate Hopelink
    5. You will get your Affiliate Link those you can Promote it.

Example to Send People Email to Bye Product through your Affiliate Link

We're going to take this link. And the next step is we need to post it somewhere. To make money anybody need to click on link and buy the products  Let's go get it. Okay? So, where 

I'm going to start posting my link is the... I don't know. We're going to use a really easy thing that everybody has. --A free traffic source. Hidden traffic source that is under your fingertips.

That you can use right now. It doesn't cost any money and almost guaranteed to give you good conversions if you do it right. 

Sending Mail
So, we can go here and I'm going to go to my email and I'm going to write an email. I'm going to write it to a friend of mine. That's not a real email obviously. It just says "friend". But I'm going to write in the subject line

I'm just going to say ketogenic diet. The new diet I'm trying. Check it out. And what I could do is I could say "Dude, remember talking about how we were both going to lose weight? 

Check these results  You know's that, I could use a picture. I could say like I lost 5 pounds in the last week.

This program really works. Again don't ever say anything like that doesn't fully make sense. In this case, I didn't actually lose 5 pounds. But the point being, you know, 

if I were to send this email, I could post my link there or I could say or I could highlight this and click the link button. Put my Lincoln right there. 
How to Make Money With ClickBank

Create A Landing Page.

Now, You can create a landing page on free hosted and include an Email form to collect emails that make easier to do affiliate marketing with bunch of emails.
on your Landing Page.

And Make your Landing page more attractive and beautiful.

After Creating your Landing page you can share your page on social media and whenever people come on your landing page and if he attract they can submit there personal information. and also purchase products through your affiliate link that you can make commission.

Promote Through Paid Ads.

Yes, Promoting though paid ads is the easiest way to get high commission in small amount of time.

If you promote your page on Google,Facebook,Instagram etc... they gave you targeted ordains that have high % of chance to buy your products because he come by demanding itself.

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How to Make Money with ClickBank 

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