7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

Introduction on 7 Ways To Make Quick Money Online

7 Ways To Make Quick Money Online: So you want to make quick money online? If you want to make money real quick like today, online,

I'm going to go over seven different methods of how you can make the money fast. I'm going to show you exactly the business models in which to do that and I'll be showing you each of the methods right here on my computer

let's get it. So here I'm going to be showing you 7 ways to make money quickly online.

But there are a few things you need to understand about making money quickly.

                      7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

The business model we're going to be discussing is Affiliate Marketing.

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We take affiliate marketing because.

  • You don't want to create your own product.

  • You don't want to have to handle support.

  • You don't want to have to purchase some goods from China because that's going to take a month to arrive in whatever country you're in.

You want something that's already done. You want something where you just post a link and you earn money straight to your PayPal or straight to your bank account.

So, the business model we'll be discussing is affiliate marketing.

Not e-commerce, not consulting. That takes time to do the sales and you have to create contracts.E-commerce you have to ship goods. You know, doing a marketing agency takes tieback and forth.

You want money right now. So, we're going to be discussing how you can make money right now and that's the fastest way to make money is affiliate marketing.

Now, to get that money quick, okay? To get that money quick you want ina week, within a week, okay? That's about the fastest you can get paid.

Best Affiliate Program for Affiliate Marketing

You want Program that you can join to get affiliate link and promote them to earn money.

I'm going to show you 2 Best affiliate Programs that you can join.

1. ClickBank

And I'm going to be showing you places that accept almost any person in the entire world. And one network that accepts anybody whatever country you're from.
And also you probably want that money in a way you can receive it.


  • You want that money going to your PayPal root a wire transfer, into your Bank account.

  • They Accept any country and will accept PayPal. Now, the affiliate programs that I recommend.

  • Above all offers will accept affiliates from anywhere in the world.

  • They'll pay up payout every single week depending on your volume.

You can make a lot of money promoting you know, the products above all offers and Click bank,

2. Amazon Affiliate Program.

I'm going to be showing you promoting a book on Amazon because of a lot of people... You know what I found and you know I don't mean to be patronizing here.

Amazon affiliate marketing which is the biggest affiliate market place in the world.
7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

And you can make 5%commissions on any product out of millions of products that Amazon sells. So, selling books makes the most sense. I'm going to use that in my examples so bear with me here.

Now, when you sign up, if you go to amazon.com to sign up for their affiliate program,

Click her to Join Amazon Affiliate Program.

you scroll all the way to the bottom. And you'll see... You'll see a little section here that says Make Money with Us, okay? On amazon.com.

7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

And you'll see there's a number of ways you can make money with Amazon. But what we're concerned about is becoming an affiliate, okay?

Become an affiliate and that's the affiliate program that I'm going to use in this example.

Now, I'm going to be selling my favorite book and I'm going to bestowing you the 7 quick ways to make money online with this book as an example. keep in mind, I'll make quick money this way but the big money comes with more competitive affiliate networks. Have higher payouts. So now, that I have my affiliate link,

How to get Commission on Affiliate Links.

1. Use Quora.com

7 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money Online

The first method that I'm going to go over is answering people's questions.

So, let's go to Quora.com. Quora.com is a question and answer site where you can find people who are asking questions and answer them.

And what's great is if you answer them you're adding value and you can place an affiliate link and hope they buy from it.

  • So first choose the products you want to promote to make money online.

  • Go to quora.com and search uestion about your products.

  • Answer the questions in about 100 to 300 words and paste your affiliate links.

2. Getting your link Quickly Online to make sales.

Now, method number 2 of getting your link out there quickly online to make sales is actually posting in Facebook groups.

  • So, go on Facebook page or group that relates to your products or niches and you can just join these and go on.

And you can see they have over 10,000 people that are following this group that is interested in your product niches.

  • So, what I can go on here is I can simply go on here and write a beautiful comment and then paste your affiliate links.

You just got another chance to get my affiliate link out there in front of 1,000 potential other people.. And I... There's my affiliate link.

Anybody who sees that should hopefully, hopefully, buy up from that .10,000 chances to get somebody to buy from my affiliate link.

That's amazing. And we just did that in 2 minutes. We got our affiliate links out there and start making some sales.

3. Get Commission Through Connection.

The third methods of getting your affiliate link out there quickly are really easy.

And it's literally... And some of you mayn't feel comfortable with this because you're like, "Pussy!" But if you're not pussy, text message everybody you know.

If you care about something if you actually...You know, believe the product helps somebody, text message, everybody, you know.

And just let them know, (we take example of book.)

Hey, I'm starting a book club. Love this book. This is thyme favorite book right now. Let me know if you want to be in the book club with me.

And send them out the book and include your affiliate link. Dot the same thing.

4. Commission Through Email.

Method number four is email everybody you know. And remember these are all easy ways to just get started.

Again, if you are trying to stop trading time for money and you're trying to get money to give you time, do anything to start. Just get started.

Remember, this life is yours. You can make it whatever you want to. Get money.

5. Find People Those are Interested on Your Products

Method number five is you can find people who are already interested in your subjection Instagram.

  • let's go to Instagram right here. And let's type in... Let's try to type in Snow Crash. Okay. So, here's somebody who just read the book Snow Crash.

  • You can add a comment or you could, you could... you could add a comment or you could DM people. And you can see here's people saying, "Oh, awesome books."

So we found a person that commented on the snow crash. Andre could send them a direct message. I guess to send a direct message I have to be on my phone.

But you could send this person a direct message or anybody else interested in this book and you could say,

Hey, I saw you were interested in purchasing Snow Crash or reading Snow Crash, I highly encourage it. It's a great book. Here's... You know... Please buy from my link if you're going to get it. Here's my amazon link.

Or you could say something like that and you can give them their link. And some people may even do you know...Like you might get some sales from people.

But these are already people interested in buying or reading the book. And if you saw, here people who review books all day.

You can DM all the people who are interested on your Products. and sell products through your affiliate links and get commission.

6. Commission Through Forums.

Now, method number 6 to make that quick money is posting your link in forums.

Now, these are very very easy to find in any niches.

  • You can just go to google and you can type in Investment Forum.

If you are selling something in the investment niche which is something that I do a lot of. The Forum. You know, you can see probably the world's best Investment Forum, Global Investment Forum.

You can find different forums where people talk about different you know subjects.

Let's go to look for science fiction forums online. And we can find right here, there's a site called science fiction. Let's zoom in science fiction and fantasy world.

Now, if I was an affiliate marketer for science fiction books, I would ease you know, I could easily just post in this forum. I would join the forum and I would start writing back to people.

I would start messaging people to start posting my links or I'd post a post about Snow Crash.

And I would just I could find what other people have written about snow crash and I could write a message on this forum my review of the book snow crash, best science fiction book ever.

And we just include our affiliate link on there and get people to view these things. This post has gotten seventy 77 thousand views and that is very you know, that's free, okay? And they're talking about eBooks.

7. Commission Through Paid Ads.

Now, the 7 method of making quick fast and easy money online is pretty straightforward.

  • So, number 7 is to find an affiliate marketer who is advertising online.
  • And just a warning, this requires money. This is going to give you money quick but this requires money.

All the other methods are free. What you want to do is find an affiliate, find affiliate ads, and copy their ads. Copy their landing page and copy their offer. Copy their ads, copy their landing page, copy their offer.

No marketing is copyrighted. Our sales pitch is copyrighted? Have you ever worked doing sales or telemarketing? Can you copyright some words you say to somebody else? You can't you can't copyright marketing.

So, you can take advertising that's already working and copy it.
Just recreate it.

If you see somebody advertising on Facebook, copy those ads. you see somebody advertising on a new site, copy those ads and let me show yuan example of a place where you can find ads to copy.

And if you come if you copy advertising that is already making money, you will make money, okay? It's that simple.

Now We hope you can understand 7 Ways To Make Quick Money Online and now this article was finished so take care,

See you in Nest post.

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7 Ways To Make Quick Money Online 

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